HALİL İNALCIK,  Professor, Founder of the Department

Professor Inalcik passed away on July 25, 2016. Prof. Inalcik’s presence at Bilkent will be greatly missed.

Bilkent Community Mourns the Loss of Halil Inalcik.

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MEHMET KALPAKLI, Associate Professor, Chair

He earned his Ph.D. in Turkish Literature from the University of Washington and Istanbul University in 1992. He specializes in Ottoman literature and cultural history, Near Eastern languages and literatures, modern Turkish literature, theory of literature and the use of computers for humanities. He is a co-founder and active participant in Ottoman Text Editing Project (OTAP) at the Middle East Center of the University of Washington.

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Office phone: (+90) 312 290  2386

e-mail: kalpakli@bilkent.edu.tr

ÖZER ERGENÇ, Professor

He received his Ph.D. from Ankara University in 1974, with a thesis entitled "1588-1596 Yılları Arasında Ankara ve Konya Şehirlerinin Mukayeseli İncelenmesi Yoluyla Osmanlı Şehir Müesseseleri ve Sosyo-Ekonomik Yapısı Üzerinde Bir Deneme" (A Research on Ottoman Urban Institutions and their  Socio-Economic Structures via a Comparison between Ankara and Konya in between 1588-1596). Prior to joining Bilkent University, Prof. Ergenç taught at Ankara University. He is a member of Turkish Historical Society (Türk Tarih Kurumu), History Foundation (Tarih Vakfı) and of TÜBİTAK, SOBAG (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Group). He is currently working on TÜSOKTAR (A Database Preparation on Social, Economic and Cultural History of Turkey) Project of Turkish Historical Society.

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Office phone: (+90) 312 290  1633 

e-mail: oergenc@bilkent.edu.tr

EVGENI R. RADUSHEV, Visiting Professor

He received his Ph.D. in Ottoman socioeconomic history from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1982, having the academic rank "Habilitated Doctor" (2003). Prior to joining Bilkent, Prof. Radushev worked as a Senior Research Associate in the Institute for Balkan Studies (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), the Ottoman Archive – Sofia, and as an Associate Professor taught in the Department of History at Sofia University. His research area is Ottoman social and economic history with emphasis on demographic processes, ethno-religious and cultural interactions. He is currently working on a project concerning the common history of Muslim and Christian population in the Balkans during the Ottoman epoch.

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Office phone: (+90) 312 290 2387

e-mail: radushev@bilkent.edu.tr

OKTAY ÖZEL, Assistant Professor

He received his Ph.D. from the University of  Manchester, U.K., in 1993. Before joining Bilkent he worked as an Assistant Professor at Hacettepe University. His research area is Ottoman social and economic history with particular emphasis on historical geography, demographic changes, and migration. He is currently working on projects dealing with the seventeenth  century-avarız registers and social history of the migration from Georgia to Anatolia following the Ottoman-Russian War of 1877-78.

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Office phone: (+90) 312 290  2813

e-mail: oozel@bilkent.edu.tr

AKIF KIRECCI, Assistant Professor

He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania. His main areas of research are comparative politics and civilization studies, Orientalism and its manifestations in cultural and international affairs, and intellectual movements, Islam, modernity and cultural transformations in the Middle East. He received Janet Lee Stevens Award at the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. He is currently a member of MESA (Middle East Studies Association of North America), AOS (American Oriental Society), TASSA (Turkish-American Scientists and Scholars Association), and MESCHA (Middle East Social and Cultural History Association).

Office phone:  (+90) 312 290 2378  

e-mail: akirecci@bilkent.edu.tr


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