Upcoming Events

  • British Concepts of Race and Nation in Plans to Partition Ireland and Palestine, by Dr. Michael Christopher Rast, University of St. Thomas May 20, 2024 at 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm A-130 Seminar Room
  • Department Application Date of Interview June 7, 2024

Theses and Dissertations

      Lists of the MA theses and PhD dissertations are stored in the Bilkent University Institutional Repository. Digital copies of these theses and dissertations can also be downloaded there, unless an embargo has been placed by the author. To browse one of the lists, scroll to the bottom of the “Recent submissions” and click “View more”. Thereafter, there are small buttons in the bottom right and left corners to navigate through the pages of the entire list. The relevant links are provided below. Please note that from an off-campus connection only the lists can be viewed; to download anything from off-campus a VPN connection must be established. Full instructions on this are provided via the “Off-Campus Access” link below.