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Sources at Bilkent

Personal Papers, Diaries, etc. :

¨ Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, John Jay, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Salmon P. Chase, James K. Polk, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Mark Twain, Woodrow Wilson, Harold Ickes, George J. Marshall, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Robert Taft, Henry A. Wallace, Martin Luther King, J.


¨ The New York Times, 1890-present; indexed.

Other Primary Source Collections:

¨ Despatches from United States consuls in Smyrna, 1802-1906 [microfilm collection]

¨ Despatches from United States consuls in Constantinople, 1820-1906 [microfilm collection]

¨ Despatches from United States ministers to Turkey, 1818-1906 [microfilm collection]

¨ The Jane Addams Papers, 1860-1960 [82 reels of microfilm; to be used in conjunction with printed guide entitled: The Jane Addams Papers. MSS61845] HV40.32.A33J36 1984

¨ The Emerging Nation [foreign policy under the Articles of Confederation] [E303.E44 1996].

¨ Founding the Republic: Documentary History of the First Federal Congress [E210.F68 1995].

              Historical Statistics of the United States on CD-ROM [computer file]: Colonial Times to 1970; U.S. Bureau of the               Census, edited by Susan B. Carter … [et al.].

¨ Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal Reports

¨ [various authors], The Medical and Surgical History of the Civil War, 12 volumes plus a 3 volume index. [E621.M43          1990]

¨ The Movement: 1964-1970 [radical underground newspaper from Berkeley, California], ed. Clayborne Carson          [E185.615.M68 1993].

¨ Public Papers of the Presidents series: John F. Kennedy

¨ The Margaret Sanger Papers, 1879-1966 [145 reels of microfilm] HQ764.S3S353 1976

¨ President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Office Files, 1953-1961 [64 reels of microfilm] E835.P74 1990

¨ Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Turkey, 1945-1949 [20 reels of microfilm]          DR477.U6      1983

¨ Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files: India, 1950-1954. [4 microfilm reels plus guide] DS480.84.C7636          1992

¨ The ABCFM microfilm collection.